How to Get Your Child to Clean Up

m219862409As much as we wish our children could pick-up after themselves from the moment they’re born, it’s not reality – they need to be taught. The good news is we can begin teaching them to pick-up after themselves at a fairly young age. While all children are different, many can grasping the simple tasks of tidying, such as putting away toys or straightening their beds, as early as age two or three.

We’d like to recommend five tidying-up chores to teach your kiddo:
1. Put away toys: Designate colored bins for each type of toy. This will teach children differentiation among toys and also provides a quick clean-up technique at the end of play time.
2. Place dirty clothes in the hamper: As with cleaning up toys, this habit will ensure dirty clothes are placed in their proper spot and eliminate your chore of sorting laundry and socks from going missing under the bed.
3. Help to unload the dishwasher: Not only will this be a help while you clean up the kitchen, but it instills early habits about always putting dishes into the dishwasher and not left on the counter or to pile up in the sink.
4. Help to make the bed: Pulling up sheets and blankets and arranging pillows and stuffed animals will ensure your child has a nice clean area to play or read during the day, before nap, or at bedtime.
5. Take off shoes as you enter a home: This will not only cut down on the dust and dirt in your carpeting but will make your children will look super courteous and well-mannered when they are guests at someone else’s home.
So although they may not scrub down the shower (you can hire the professionals to do that), at least things will be a bit tidier around the house!